Sunday, April 21

Closet Wire Shelving Transformation to Built In Shelves - 2nd closet

I was really pleased with the outcome of my MBR Closet reno from wire shelving to built-ins...keep in mind, I am not a carpenter! So I moved on to my daughter's closet which has some weird dimensions on the ends. The left side shelving actually has 5 sides (which can't be seen in these pictures), so I used birch plywood and a circular saw to cut out the exact shape and make use of EVERY square inch of space.

Next I added the molding to the front, counter-sunk the finishing nails with an awl, filled with wood putty, sanded. and painted. KEEP IN MIND, I did not attach the shelving to the strips of wood that are attached to the wall for support, so all shelving can actually be lifted out of the closet if need be. The bracing strips of wood were attached to the wall with gorilla glue and 3 inch nails into the studs (see my MBR closet makeover for more details and pictures)

The right side of her closet only had space for very shallow depth shelves, which are perfect for books or shoes turned sideways.



FINISHED. I also added two more wooden shelves across the top above the clothing rod that run the full width of the closet.

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