Wednesday, November 2

Trick or Treat! Shutter Signs and Feather Boa Wreath

 Easy to make "shutter style" Trick or Treat signs and feather boa wreath 
(see early posts explaining how to make all).

Wednesday, July 27

Embroidering a baseball cap with a regular hoop -- SEW EASY!

I'm not sure what the "big deal" is about embroidering on ball caps, but I've never tried, until recently. I'm self taught and have figured out most techniques on my own. So, when my friend asked me to put her daughter's monogram on a ball cap for camp, I gave it a try. I used sticky stabilizer in the hoop and mashed and pinned the front of the hat to the stabilizer to get a mostly flat sewing area -- it worked! I did it on my Baby Lock 6 needle machine, but I'm sure it would work on a regular embroidery machine, as well.

Monday, July 25

GPS Coordinates Embroidery Design PILLOW

I've always loved numbers and word clouds and anything graphic, so my latest obsession is with GPS Coordinates, as seen on my Etsy account and here.

After digitizing the location and coordinates for my embroidery design, I stitched it out on white twill fabric and sewed together the pillow (18" square). I added the extra detail of a grommet in the upper left corner (these are super easy to do) and is add a little something extra to the look.

I did this for one of my daughter-in-law's bridal shower gifts using the wedding venue, as well.

I found my GPS coordinates by going to:
Type in the address. Hit "Get my Coordinates".

Cheerwine SERCY Party Favor Gift for our son's Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal Dinner "SERCY" - take home gift for our guests

So when my oldest son got married this past May, I wanted to bring a little bit of him and the South to his Long Island wedding. I brought a bottle of Cheerwine (a North Carolina staple) for each of our 50 guests at the rehearsal supper. Each bottle was decorated with a striped paper straw, grosgrain ribbon, and a laminated card featuring an NC barbecue recipe made with Cheerwine.

All of our guests LOVED it and many had never tried it before!?!