Sunday, April 21

Closet Remodel - TRANSFORM builder's wire shelving to wood shelving - NO KIT needed

 I was looking for a weekend project and decided it was time to make better use of my closet space and transform my wire shelving into wood shelving that makes a much more efficient use of the space.

RIGHT side of Master Closet

LEFT side of Master Closet

Remove shelving, spackle, sand, paint
I added a center support for the rods on the long wall on right side of the closet.

I used these FANTASTIC EZ Ancors to provide support for the end supports for my new metal rods.

RIGHT SIDE: I used a level to draw straight lines for where my new shelf braces should go. I used strips of 3/4 x 1 1/2 white wood to create braces for my shelves to rest on. I also ran a bead of gorilla glue along the back and 2.5 inch finishing nails into the studs for added support under the shelves. Finally, I used an awl to hammer the nails just below the surface of my wood strips, then filled with wood putty, sanded, and painted the strips.

LEFT SIDE: I added support strips for shelving at the same height as the shelving on the RIGHT side of the closet and then added two extra shelves in between so that I could fit in more shelves for my shoes without wasting space above my boxes.
For the actual shelves, I used 11 1/2 by 3/4 inch cheap white shelving wood from my local home improvement store and cut each to length with my miter saw. I painted most of the boards with 2 coats of paint before cutting and fitting into place so that I only needed to touch up the paint once they were fit in place. To finish the front of the shelving, I used inexpensive 2 inch primed white molding. I attached it to the front of each shelf with wood glue and finishing nails. Counter-sink the nails with an awl, fill with wood putty, sand, and paint.

LEFT SIDE with two L shaped shelves above the rod and hooks.
I mitered the corner of the molding, filled with wood putty, sanded and painted. I also used gorilla glue and flat steel brackets where the shelving came together in an "L" to provide stability.


LEFT SIDE finished. I purchased linen shoe boxes from the Container Store that have a clear plastic window to store my out of season shoes.

RIGHT side finished.

I purchased a few linen storage bins at my local Marshall's.

Closet Wire Shelving Transformation to Built In Shelves - 2nd closet

I was really pleased with the outcome of my MBR Closet reno from wire shelving to built-ins...keep in mind, I am not a carpenter! So I moved on to my daughter's closet which has some weird dimensions on the ends. The left side shelving actually has 5 sides (which can't be seen in these pictures), so I used birch plywood and a circular saw to cut out the exact shape and make use of EVERY square inch of space.

Next I added the molding to the front, counter-sunk the finishing nails with an awl, filled with wood putty, sanded. and painted. KEEP IN MIND, I did not attach the shelving to the strips of wood that are attached to the wall for support, so all shelving can actually be lifted out of the closet if need be. The bracing strips of wood were attached to the wall with gorilla glue and 3 inch nails into the studs (see my MBR closet makeover for more details and pictures)

The right side of her closet only had space for very shallow depth shelves, which are perfect for books or shoes turned sideways.



FINISHED. I also added two more wooden shelves across the top above the clothing rod that run the full width of the closet.

Monday, January 21

Fabric Transfer Latitude Longitude pillows

I used Avery light fabric transfer to create these cute pillows.  I created the design and pattern in
Word using word art so that I could do a mirror image. I followed the package directions and used Canvas to make the pillows. The only thing I did not like is up close you can see the clear transfer material -- this doesn't bother most people, but I can see it...