Saturday, July 7

Jasmine Climbing Vine Harlequin Pattern

This is my new project that I started this past spring and I expect to take 2 more summers to mature. I am using Confederate Jasmine that has a delicate white flower and sweet fragrance. I'm putting it against a brick wall that has Gardenias planted in front of it. 
I laid out my pattern with a measuring tape and sharpie on the the brick mortar ( I found it was easiest to drill into the cross sections of the joints, but not required, so I tried to measure it where the lines interesected at a joint). 

I drilled holes with a 1/4 inch drill bit into the intersections. I used an electric drill, not a battery pack, so that I could get enough torque to drill into the mortar -- it took some effort and had to have my teenage sons put some muscle behind it for some of them.

Next, I purchased #10-14 x 1.5 inch Lead Anchors from my home improvement store (they come as a set of 10 anchors and 10 screws, I'll save the screws for a different project).  I gently tapped the anchors into the drilled out holes--be careful, because they are soft and bend easily-- it was like using a drywall mount to hang a shelf. Some of the anchors would only tap in about 3/4 of the way and stick out beyond the brick surface, but that was ok, when I screwed the eyebolts in, it pushed the anchor further into the hole.

Screw the eyebolts in next. I had to use a screwdriver through the "eye" to get them tightened all the way in.

The next step was to use  wire purchased at the homeimprovement store to weave through the eyebolts and make my pattern. I used about 100 feet of 16 gauge wire for my 15 x 20 foot wall. I used duck tape to secure any ends I had to cut and splice together.

I planted 4 Confederate Jasmine plants for $5.99 each during the rainy spring we had this past April/May and they have taken off like wildfire!  About every other week, I wind the new growth around the appropriate wire and it is filling in nicely.  My goal is to have something like the picture at the top on my brick wall.