Wednesday, May 25

Repair or Replace Porch Column Base

This project was not as difficult as it may first seem.  I removed the 4 base pieces and trim around the bottom of the column and took them to my local home improvement store, where I matched them up with some PVC board.  The nice thing about the PVC board is that it will not warp and mildew they way the untreated pine wood did (see picture number 2 below).  I used Gorilla glue (because my hubby's liquid nail tube was a solid mess) and 2 inch outdoor finishing nails. A little wood putty and several coats of paint--voila!

Monday, May 9

Front Door Transformation

Changing the front door on the house we purchased last year improved our curb appeal SIGNIFICANTLY! The new unfinished wood front door cost $450, the local hardware store I purchased it from, used the original door as a template and drilled the holes for the hardware at no additional cost. A few coats of stain later and voila!

Charleston Rustic Wood Street Sign

Easy to make with a Cricut, some paint and birch plywood! This was a fun project and makes a huge statement. Finished size of this statement piece is 23 x 47 inches. Believe it or not, I started with a sheet of birch plywood (cut to size at the home improvement store). I painted a coat of satin black; used my Cricut to cut out various street names and words that remind me of Charleston on sticky contact paper; placed them on my plywood; painted over the whole board in a cream; peeled off the letters; lightly sanded; and finally stained with some left over stain (from another project, of course). The finished look is FANTASTIC!

Silhouette cutouts of my children

Want to be a silhouette artist? With Microsoft word, black paper, and some patience--you CAN!  I purchased Silhouette paper off of Amazon (25 sheets for less than $10).  The best way to do this is to fold the paper in half with the black side on the inside. That way you only handle the white side and the natural oils from your hands don’t mar the black silhouette side.  I used Microsoft Word’s picture formatting tools to “gray scale” the profile picture I took of my kids. I printed it out to the desired size and used this as my template to cut out the silhouettes.