Sunday, December 9

Successful Minka Ceiling Fan Install -- quiet and works via the light switch -- cool and easy peasy!

Successful Insinkerator Evolution install--no more leaks and a quiet motor--not so hard to do at all!
You Tube videos and somewhat understandable print instructions were both helpful.

Thursday, December 6

Front porch decor for our annual Army Navy football game party!!

Time for the annual Army Navy football game -- BEAT NAVY!
I appliqued the word BEAT and NAVY on two separate pillow covers to add to my front porch decor.

Christmas Tree SWAG BANNER -- Go Army, Beat Navy!

This idea popped in my head this evening and was super quick and easy!

I took a 5 inch strip of burlap and embroidered "All I want for Christmas is to BEAT NAVY!" Just in time for our annual Army Navy football party. I cinched the ends with rubberbands and then a pretty polka dot ribbon and hung on the tree with ornament hangers.  Super Cute and Super Easy!

Thursday, October 18

Harry Potter PLATFORM 9 3/4 Handpainted Sign

Just handpainted this new sign for Harry Potter fans!

I started by painting the wood board solid beige with some interior latex housepaint I had already. The board is a scrap of birch plywood, measures 12 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 1/2 inch thick. Next I used a template to roughly draw the rectangular bricks (I used a piece of cereal box that measured about 2.75 x 5 inches). I should have taped off the center "Platform" section first, so I had to go back afterwards and remove the brick lines.

Once the brick paint has dried, tape off the center section and place your CriCut letters where you want them. Paint over the letters with black and peel off the letters and tape for the big reveal.  Finally, I put a single coat of brown stain over the entire sign to dull and age the sign. 
If you don't want to paint it yourself, you can purchase it in my Etsy store for $30 plus shipping:

Sunday, September 30

Trick or Treat!


Trick or Treat Shutter Signs with Feather Boa Wreath

Just made a Feather Boa Wreath using 2 black feather boas.
Updated my front porch Trick or Treat signs (search under "projects" for directions).

I took an old Grapevine wreath and wrapped 2 feather boas around it. The first boa went more to the center and I twisted floral wire around it every 6 inches or so to hold it in place. The second boa went more to the outside, so that it has a nice wide presence (about 24 inches diameter and about 8-10 inches thick). The bow was made using wired ribbon varying in size from 2 to 4 inches wide. 

Sunday, September 2

Football TAILGATE sign


I was inspired by a recent visit to West Point to make a "Go Army" football sign for tailgate season.  Obviously, you can make this work for any team.  I used card stock, my Cricut, an 1/2x18x24 inch board and decoupage (mod podge) for this project and it went quite fast -- this technique is faster than most other techniques.

Large Go Army sign

STEP 1: Select your board (I used 1/2 x 18 x 24 inch birch veneer) and paint it a solid color (I used satin black latex paint).
STEP 2: Cut out your letters using your Cricut and cardstock, keep the lettering in order, it's faster to spell out your words when you're working with the mod podge.
STEP 3:  Use a sponge applicator (I used a 3inch wide applicator) to spread the mod podge glue in small sections (it dries quickly). Place your lettering where you want it, but work quickly before the glue dries. You have a small amount of time where you can go back and peel a letter off if you need to, but not much time.
STEP 4:  Spread mod podge over the letters that have slightly dried in place, and let dry.  You may want to go back over the whole sign a few hours later with mod podge again to make sure all of the lettering is sealed in place. Once the mod podge dries, it also acts as your top coat.
STEP 5: Have fun! This is a quick easy project! BTW, you may want to use the mod podge product in a well ventilated area, the smell is pretty strong. I finished this off with two small eye hooks and wire for hanging, if desired.

Saturday, July 7

Jasmine Climbing Vine Harlequin Pattern

This is my new project that I started this past spring and I expect to take 2 more summers to mature. I am using Confederate Jasmine that has a delicate white flower and sweet fragrance. I'm putting it against a brick wall that has Gardenias planted in front of it. 
I laid out my pattern with a measuring tape and sharpie on the the brick mortar ( I found it was easiest to drill into the cross sections of the joints, but not required, so I tried to measure it where the lines interesected at a joint). 

I drilled holes with a 1/4 inch drill bit into the intersections. I used an electric drill, not a battery pack, so that I could get enough torque to drill into the mortar -- it took some effort and had to have my teenage sons put some muscle behind it for some of them.

Next, I purchased #10-14 x 1.5 inch Lead Anchors from my home improvement store (they come as a set of 10 anchors and 10 screws, I'll save the screws for a different project).  I gently tapped the anchors into the drilled out holes--be careful, because they are soft and bend easily-- it was like using a drywall mount to hang a shelf. Some of the anchors would only tap in about 3/4 of the way and stick out beyond the brick surface, but that was ok, when I screwed the eyebolts in, it pushed the anchor further into the hole.

Screw the eyebolts in next. I had to use a screwdriver through the "eye" to get them tightened all the way in.

The next step was to use  wire purchased at the homeimprovement store to weave through the eyebolts and make my pattern. I used about 100 feet of 16 gauge wire for my 15 x 20 foot wall. I used duck tape to secure any ends I had to cut and splice together.

I planted 4 Confederate Jasmine plants for $5.99 each during the rainy spring we had this past April/May and they have taken off like wildfire!  About every other week, I wind the new growth around the appropriate wire and it is filling in nicely.  My goal is to have something like the picture at the top on my brick wall.

Thursday, March 1

Spring Easter Bunny Rabbit - hand painted

This is a quick and easy project to do. First here's the finished look (it looks great on a mantle with fresh flowers and other spring decor):
  1. I started with a piece of 1 inch thick poplar, that measures 11.5 inches wide by 24 inches tall (purchased at Lowe's). 
  2. I painted it all over with several thin layers, starting with blue, then green, then a few spots of brown, then some more green - it sort of gave it a "patina" look.
  3. Next I drew a bunny silhouette (profile).
  4. Next, I took one of my kids' small paint brushes and painted along the lines (and filled in) with white house paint I had in the garage.
  5. Finally, I did a light coat of Minwax Provincial oil stain all over to subdue the colors a bit. 

Sunday, January 22

HIS and HERS Pillows

Here's a fun project! I machine appliqued the words "HIS" and "HERS" on grey-blue linen fabric and made pillows for the bed. This is a great afternoon project  to make lettered pillows that are all the "rage" right now! Find these for sale on my shop, MerryMaryinNC.