Sunday, September 30

Trick or Treat!


Trick or Treat Shutter Signs with Feather Boa Wreath

Just made a Feather Boa Wreath using 2 black feather boas.
Updated my front porch Trick or Treat signs (search under "projects" for directions).

I took an old Grapevine wreath and wrapped 2 feather boas around it. The first boa went more to the center and I twisted floral wire around it every 6 inches or so to hold it in place. The second boa went more to the outside, so that it has a nice wide presence (about 24 inches diameter and about 8-10 inches thick). The bow was made using wired ribbon varying in size from 2 to 4 inches wide. 

Sunday, September 2

Football TAILGATE sign


I was inspired by a recent visit to West Point to make a "Go Army" football sign for tailgate season.  Obviously, you can make this work for any team.  I used card stock, my Cricut, an 1/2x18x24 inch board and decoupage (mod podge) for this project and it went quite fast -- this technique is faster than most other techniques.

Large Go Army sign

STEP 1: Select your board (I used 1/2 x 18 x 24 inch birch veneer) and paint it a solid color (I used satin black latex paint).
STEP 2: Cut out your letters using your Cricut and cardstock, keep the lettering in order, it's faster to spell out your words when you're working with the mod podge.
STEP 3:  Use a sponge applicator (I used a 3inch wide applicator) to spread the mod podge glue in small sections (it dries quickly). Place your lettering where you want it, but work quickly before the glue dries. You have a small amount of time where you can go back and peel a letter off if you need to, but not much time.
STEP 4:  Spread mod podge over the letters that have slightly dried in place, and let dry.  You may want to go back over the whole sign a few hours later with mod podge again to make sure all of the lettering is sealed in place. Once the mod podge dries, it also acts as your top coat.
STEP 5: Have fun! This is a quick easy project! BTW, you may want to use the mod podge product in a well ventilated area, the smell is pretty strong. I finished this off with two small eye hooks and wire for hanging, if desired.