Sunday, April 21

Closet Remodel - TRANSFORM builder's wire shelving to wood shelving - NO KIT needed

 I was looking for a weekend project and decided it was time to make better use of my closet space and transform my wire shelving into wood shelving that makes a much more efficient use of the space.

RIGHT side of Master Closet

LEFT side of Master Closet

Remove shelving, spackle, sand, paint
I added a center support for the rods on the long wall on right side of the closet.

I used these FANTASTIC EZ Ancors to provide support for the end supports for my new metal rods.

RIGHT SIDE: I used a level to draw straight lines for where my new shelf braces should go. I used strips of 3/4 x 1 1/2 white wood to create braces for my shelves to rest on. I also ran a bead of gorilla glue along the back and 2.5 inch finishing nails into the studs for added support under the shelves. Finally, I used an awl to hammer the nails just below the surface of my wood strips, then filled with wood putty, sanded, and painted the strips.

LEFT SIDE: I added support strips for shelving at the same height as the shelving on the RIGHT side of the closet and then added two extra shelves in between so that I could fit in more shelves for my shoes without wasting space above my boxes.
For the actual shelves, I used 11 1/2 by 3/4 inch cheap white shelving wood from my local home improvement store and cut each to length with my miter saw. I painted most of the boards with 2 coats of paint before cutting and fitting into place so that I only needed to touch up the paint once they were fit in place. To finish the front of the shelving, I used inexpensive 2 inch primed white molding. I attached it to the front of each shelf with wood glue and finishing nails. Counter-sink the nails with an awl, fill with wood putty, sand, and paint.

LEFT SIDE with two L shaped shelves above the rod and hooks.
I mitered the corner of the molding, filled with wood putty, sanded and painted. I also used gorilla glue and flat steel brackets where the shelving came together in an "L" to provide stability.


LEFT SIDE finished. I purchased linen shoe boxes from the Container Store that have a clear plastic window to store my out of season shoes.

RIGHT side finished.

I purchased a few linen storage bins at my local Marshall's.

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