Monday, December 26

Height Marker - Measuring for Kids Heights

I saw something similar to this and had to try it on my own. Perfect for keeping track of the kids heights without marking the walls--great for those of us the move a lot with the military. The process is the same that I used for my Charleston Rustic Street Sign.

Step one: Paint a board black on one side (my board was about 4 inches x 1 inch x 6.5 feet. Make sure it is a strainght, smooth board without any warping.

Step two: I use Sure Cuts A Lot 2 software linked to my Cricut to cut out the numbers and hash marks for the oversized ruler. I cut them out on contact paper, so I can place the contact paper numbers on the wood and remove without leaving any residue.

 Step three: Use a measuring tape to mark off and place the contact paper numbers and hashes accurately.

Step four: Paint over the board and contact paper with a white or cream paint--I just use whatever housepaint I have extra. While the paint is still damp, peel off the contact paper. Be careful not to smudge the paint onto the revealed black paint. If you do smudge a little, don't worry, you can either go over it with a black sharpie or let the brown stain mute it out in the final step.

 Step five:  Once the paint is fully dry (a good afternoon in the sun helps), I brush one coat of stain over the front and sides of the board and prop it up to dry vertically, so that the extra stain runs down to the ground.

Finally, start marking the kids' heights with a sharpie! I'll even be able to pull this out for my future grandkids to compare how tall they are to their parents!

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  1. Your projects are awesome! I just found you via Craigslist and def share a lot of your tastes. This ruler is super cute. You should have a thing so people can follow your blog! These projects are so great, that you'd be sure to have lots of people checking out your items for sale all the time! :) Glad I stumbled upon you while looking for some wall art today.